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Fixed price$40.00

321-324AD Roman Empire Licinius I Follis

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Fixed price$75.00

276-282AD Roman Empire Probus Double Denarius

$75.00 Details!

Fixed price$50.00

270-275AD Roman Empire Aurelian Double Denarius

$50.00 Details!

Fixed price$100.00

198-217AD Roman Empire Caracalla Denarius

$100.00 Details!

Fixed price$125.00

148-149AD Roman Empire Antonius Pius Denarius

$125.00 Details!

Fixed price$100.00

145AD Roman Empire Antonius Pius Denarius

$100.00 Details!

Fixed price$150.00

141AD Roman Empire Faustina Jr Sestertius

$150.00 Details!

Fixed price$100.00

98-117AD Roman Empire Trajan Silver Denarius

$100.00 Details!

Fixed price$400.00

117-138AD Roman Empire Hadrian Silver Denarius

$400.00 Details!

Fixed price$100.00

69-79AD Roman Empire Vespasian AE As

$100.00 Details!


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