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Art Glass

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Fixed price$34.95

Vintage French Flower Holder

$34.95 Details!

Fixed price$149.95

Russian Cobalt Blue Egg

$149.95 Details!

Fixed price$29.95

Bas Relief Crystal Bear

$29.95 Details!

Fixed price$174.95

Perfume Bottle - Art Glass

$174.95 Details!

Fixed price$199.95

Black Glass Vase

$199.95 Details!

Fixed price$74.95

Crystal Diamond - Paperweight

$74.95 Details!

Fixed price$349.95

Desna - Dancing Nymphs - Crystal Vase

$349.95 Details!

Fixed price$149.95

Perfume Bottle - Art Glass

$149.95 Details!

Fixed price$349.95

Kosta Boda - Small Decanter - Artist Collection

$349.95 Details!

Fixed price$599.95

Steuben - Crystal Bowl

$599.95 Details!

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